General Questions

Do you only work with Denver couples?

We are based in Denver, Colorado, but will work with couples all over the country and the world!


How soon in advance should I book with you?

The sooner the better! Here’s a rough estimate of our booking schedule, but it’s never too soon to start the conversation.

Save the dates: 1-2 months in advance of when you would like to send them out.
Invitations: 3-4 months in advance of when you would like to send them out.
Place cards & escort cards: 1-2 months before your wedding date.
Signage: 1 month before your wedding date. If you have specific material requirements (wood, acrylic, etc. contact us sooner).
Escort Card Displays: As soon as the idea has popped in your head! We can work together to build you something great!


When should I send out my save the dates and invites?

For Save the dates We suggest 6-8 months before your wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, or a wedding where many people will be traveling to an unfamiliar place or with limited lodging, send save the dates out 8-10 months before your wedding.

For Invitations We suggest 6-8 weeks before your wedding, with and RSVP date 30 days before your wedding date. This gives your guests enough time to get things sorted out, and respond, while also giving you enough time to get final head counts to caterers and vendors.

We have a calculator to help with that.


Event Signage

Do you offer rentals?

Yes! You can rent any of our gold frames, sandwich board signs, walnut table number signs, or copper stand. If you’re interested in renting something, please see this page for availability and pricing. Rentals that are shipped will have an additional fee.


Do you deliver or install on site?

Yes, if you are within 25 miles of our studio and we’re available that day, we will deliver your signage to your venue! If there is an installation needed, we are happy to chat about that. Depending on the installation an hourly rate may be required.


Why are seating charts so expensive?
Isn’t it just writing names on a board?

That’s because they are very involved! Since every wedding has a different amount of guests and tables, there is not just one size fits all solution. It also depends on the size and material of the seating chart.

Each seating chart comes with a digital proof and up to 2 revisions. The digital proof is where a lot of the magic happens, thats where the exact layout id designed (margins, spacing, letter-height, etc.) and then once it’s approved, that is used as a reference to layout the chart on the material you’ve selected. Once all the measurements are copied over to the final material, that’s when everything gets written out. The whole process can take anywhere from 10-12 hours per seating chart. More if the material is wood or something else that needs special care.


Where do you get the wood for your signs?

We source the wood from various hardware and woodworking shops here in Denver. This allows us to cut any size you’d like! We generally use a 1/2” plywood with Maple veneer and offer a few different stain options. We take great care in finding the best piece of plywood for your sign. If you have a specific style of wood or stain you’d like for your event, we are happy to match that.