Photo by  Nina Larsen

Photo by Nina Larsen

Hi there – I’m Cara Jo Knapp! I have a lot of favorite things, but my two biggest are love and art. Finally, I’ve found a way to combine the two of them. My love for love and my love for stationery, paper, pens, paint, envelopes and everything in between comes out as a wedding invitation designer and calligrapher. Finally!

Ever since forever I have always been doing something artistic. I’m sure if you ask my mother I was born with a set of perfectly organized crayons & markers. Throughout school, I excelled at art and design, and eventually ended up getting myself a fancy Bachelor of Fine Arts. I received a degree in Photography and Graphic Design.

I decided to take my career towards something more lucrative like Web Design. I had a fascination with the web since 1996 (that dates me doesn’t it?), when I built my first website. Since college, it has always been the 9-5 thing that paid my bills and paid for my art supplies. I always run home after work and do something artsy and craftsy.


When my husband and I were celebrating our first anniversary I decided to learn calligraphy. I was making him this book of memories from our relationship and I wanted to add some fancy lettering to it. I found calligraphy to be a huge stress relief (except it’s stressful when you spill ink everywhere), and the analog nature of it helped me disconnect from all the technology I’m surrounded by.

Four years later and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. If there is a pen/pencil/marker and a blank piece of paper anywhere near me, it must be filled with swirly letters and cute illustrations. I find myself seeing things and saying “I could calligraph that”. Trust me, I’m a hit at a red solo cup party, I bring my own sharpie.

Calligraphy has combined my love for art and design with my love for love.


Some fun facts about me

Knitting is my second favorite analog activity. I have been knitting for 26 years off and on, but in 2017 I decided to knit every day and it has been so good for my memory and hand muscles. A pattern I wrote for a simple Norwegian star hat has been downloaded over 30k times, and that’s pretty awesome.

One time I rode across the state of Utah, on my bicycle, with 3 other women in a relay. We didn’t finish, but it was the most amazing and beautiful experience I’ve had the pleasure of doing.

In addition to the Photography and Graphic Design degree, I also minored in Blacksmithing. The only time this has come in handy was when there was a trivia question “What do you call the person that shoes horses?” Obviously, it’s Farrier.


Okay, enough about me - let’s talk about you! I want to hear about your big day, event, celebration, or day at work. Let’s chat about all the beautiful ways we can work together to bring your dream to life.